Specimen Transporting



DPMG offers fast, reliable, same day courier service. To schedule a pick-up, call our Customer Service department at 916-446-0424.
For your convenience, daily courier service can be arranged.

Specimen Tracking

To safeguard your patients’ specimens and minimize the possibility that a specimen is misdirected, we track pathology specimens from the point of pick-up to arrival at our laboratory. DPMG’s laboratory is accredited by the College of American Pathology (“CAP”) and is in full compliance with CAP’s guidelines regarding specimen tracking, handling and safety.

How It Works:

Using a hand-held device, the courier will scan the unique identifying bar-code on each individual biohazard bag containing specimens or a kit during pick-up. Once in the lab, each individual specimen biohazard bag and accompanying bar-code on the requisition will be scanned to record its safe arrival.

Client Instructions:

In order to confirm that the identity of every specimen is matched with the identity of the patient, please do the following:

  1. Locate the bar-code sticker on the biohazard bag. (If you are using a boxed kit, the bag is located inside the kit).
  2. Peel off the bar-code sticker titled “PLACE ON REQUISITION” and place this sticker on the accompanying requisition or order form.
  3. Place the requisition in the front pouch of the bag or inside the boxed kit.
  4. Please continue to label the specimen bottles to include the patient’s name and site and place them in the biohazard bag. If you are using a boxed kit, please place the kit into the biohazard bag for tracking purposes.

If you prefer to mail your specimens to DPMG we will provide you with the necessary material to safely transport the specimens. This includes transport boxes, prepaid airbills and shipping envelopes.