Breast Pathology

DPMG is the group to trust with your breast pathology services!

DPMG’s Board-certified pathologists have extensive subspecialty training and many years of high volume case experience in breast pathology.  DPMG offers an extensive array of anatomic pathology and molecular-based testing services specifically designed to provide breast radiologists and surgeons with accurate and timely information to assure the best possible outcomes for our patients both in terms of diagnosis and surgery.

  • On-site immunohistochemical lab with a comprehensive repertoire of markers for accurate diagnosis and classification of breast malignancies.
  • Offer prognostic and predictive markers in breast cancer. Immunoperoxidase for Her2/neu is a semi-quantitative immunohistochemical assay for the determination of Her2/neu overexpression in breast cancer tissues.  The assay helps select patients who are candidates for Herceptin (trastuzumab) therapy.
  • Semi-quantitative IHC testing done for estrogen and progesterone receptors, to aid in selection of patients for Tamoxifen therapy.
  • Comprehensive Quality Assurance program to document and improve quality. All cases audited internally and externally for difficult and ambiguous cases.
  • All initially diagnosed cancer and atypia cases reviewed by at least two pathologists.
  • Unique ability to correlate outpatient diagnosis with inpatient findings.
  • Rapid turn-around time – Same day courier service and 24 hour processing for routine cases.
  • Evening, weekend and holiday support provided by our pathologists for all urgent cases.
  • Results available via EPIC, EMR interfaces and Web

DPMG’s team of pathologists with extensive breast pathology experience

Musicant_webLong Li, M.D.

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phone-512If you are a clinician and would like to speak to one of our pathologists, please call 916-446-0424.