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As part of your care, your healthcare provider sent your specimen to Diagnostic Pathology Medical Group (DPMG) for microscopic examination, diagnosis and reporting. Your provider sent your specimen to DPMG because all of our pathologists are board-certified and are sub-specialized in a multitude of areas allowing for a high level of diagnostic quality, rapid turnaround times and professional and careful handling of patient specimens. DPMG partners with your healthcare provider to provide a personalized and consultative service. This includes analyzing the medical information submitted by your provider in conjunction with our observation of your specimen under the microscope. At times, the pathologist may use special stains which allow them to view, under a microscope, tissue morphology (structure) or to look for the presence or prevalence of particular cell types, structures or even microorganisms such as bacteria. These stains will require an additional charge. If your case is exceptionally difficult to interpret, we may utilize the services of world-renowned consultants to assist us in giving you the most accurate diagnosis possible. We are committed to giving an accurate and definitive diagnosis so that you will be provided with the best care. A report will be sent to your provider, who in turn is responsible for contacting you with the results. You are best advised to discuss the results with your provider since they understand how your result fits in with your particular situation.

Please note that our fees are in addition to those charged by your provider who submitted the specimen. DPMG will submit charges for our services to the insurance company using the information that your provider submitted with your specimen. Most pathology services are covered by most insurance plans. Like any other medical bill, depending on your insurance benefits, the type of service, and your deductible level, you may be responsible for none, all or a portion of the bill. If no insurance information was provided to us, we will bill you directly for the services rendered. If you do not have insurance, please inquire about a cash discount.

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For billing inquiries, please contact DPMG at 916-447-6267