Genitourinary (GU) Pathology

DPMG is the group to trust with your GU specimen processing and interpretation!
DPMG’s Board-certified pathologists have extensive subspecialty training and collectively over sixty years of high volume case experience in genitourinary pathology. DPMG offers an extensive array of anatomic pathology and molecular-based testing services specifically designed to provide urologists with accurate and timely information to better manage cancer and chronic diseases.

  • On-site immunohistochemical lab with a comprehensive repertoire of markers for accurate diagnosis and classification of genitourinary malignancies.
  • Urovysion – FISH Molecular cytology for bladder cancer
  • Comprehensive Quality Assurance program to document and improve quality. All cases audited internally and externally for difficult and ambiguous cases.
  • All initially diagnosed cancer cases reviewed by at least two pathologists.
  • Unique ability to correlate outpatient diagnosis with inpatient findings.
  • Easy to use customized prostate biopsy kits.
  • Easy to read reports. Adenocarcinomas highlighted in red for easy recognition. Color-coded anatomical site diagrams provide easy and error-free location of the biopsy site and classification of the diagnosis.
  • Rapid turn-around time – Same day courier service and 24 hour processing for routine cases.
  • Evening, weekend and holiday support provided by our pathologists for all urgent cases.
  • Results available via EPIC and Web

Sample Report

DPMG’s team of pathologists with extensive GU experience

Musicant_webJonathan Musicant, M.D.

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pic_1Sasan Setoodeh, M.D.

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pic_1Kim L. Wang, M.D.

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A_WongAnna K. Wong, M.D.

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phone-512If you are a clinician and would like to speak to one of our pathologists, please call 916-446-0424.